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Intelligent Technology Solutions has the quality resources, processes, and systems to deliver efficient and reliable support. We utilize a proven framework for change and risk management.

As corporations focus their resources on core competencies, it is increasingly challenging to manage resource-intensive functions such as

Information Technologies. One of the major challenges IT departments face is juggling daily operations and support with strategic planning.

Intelligent Technology Solutions' Managed Services allow our clients to focus on their core business objectives while receiving strategic value

from their IT investments.

Intelligent Technology Solutions' Managed Services provide national support that is flexible, customer focused and tailored to each client's

business demands. Intelligent Technology Solutions provides consistent service levels, is highly responsive to client needs, and can rapidly

adjust services to accommodate changing business demands.

Intelligent Technology Solutions' team is comprised of highly qualified engineers with advanced certifications and extensive real-world

corporate experience. Our staff is committed to excellence in customer service with customer satisfaction measurements coupled to career

advancement. Each client account is under the dedicated ownership of an experienced on-site manager who serves as a single point of

contact and provides management oversight and reporting. These managers are supported by comprehensive back-office technical,

operations and executive support that provide high-level specialized expertise and additional resources.

Service Management
Intelligent Technology Solutions utilizes structured processes to ensure the quality of mission-critical IT services and maintain service level

agreements. This results in increased productivity and efficiency, superior service levels, and improved system availability and

manageability. Intelligent Tecnology Solutions' Service Management is comprised of best practices and principles that emphasize continuous

Change Management and Risk Management.

  • Change Management A key cornerstone of Change Management is change control and documentation. Each team member utilizes change control and maintains comprehensive documentation.
  • Risk Management Intelligent Technology Solutions practices proactive Risk Management, which is integrated into every role and function and is assessed continually.

Service Delivery
Intelligent Technology Solutions commits to aggressive Service Level Agreements and establishes milestones to track and guide

performance. Our Service Delivery is focused on the areas of Service Level Management, Capacity Management, Contingency Planning,

Availability Management, and Cost Management.

Intelligent Technology Solutions has a proven and mature program management methodology that emphasizes risk management, change

control, and milestones. It takes more than staffing resources and technical expertise to make large-scale corporate projects successful. It

takes an in-depth understanding of a client's individual business process, organization, and operations.

Intelligent Technology Solutions has been at the forefront of program management and developed a successful model far ahead of the

industry. We have undertaken diligent measures to mature and develop our program management methodology. In collaborating with key

partners, we have found that our framework mirrors those developed by many leading technology manufacturers. Our best of breed

program management has positioned us as a key "go to" firm with our strategic partners.

Intelligent Technology Solutions has shown leadership in providing enterprise level accounts with a collaborative team model approach in our

methodology for nearly a decade.

Comprehensive documentation and knowledge transfer are critical aspects of each project. What is left behind for the client is more

important than what is done. Without good documentation and knowledge transfer, it is difficult to assess the project or support the


Intelligent Technology Solutions' program management methodology establishes a foundation for our clients to meet their business

objectives by facilitating the building of a reliable, secure, manageable and flexible IT infrastructure.

Intelligent Technology Solutions' Program Management Methodology

  • Project Scope and Solution Strategy - Determine the objectives, scope, risks, preliminary conceptual design, and the initial project structure that details the deliverables, timelines, and resource planning.
  • Planning & Design - Conduct environmental assessment, determine solution requirements, draft functional

specification, build lab environment, develop master plan including: agreements on business requirements,

risk management, project plan, schedule, detailed deliverables, training requirements, support mechanisms, and resources.

  • Development & Testing - Develop solution; perform proof-of-concept, technology validation, and pilot testing including: interoperability with existing systems, deployment methodology, and support and training infrastructure.
  • Deployment & Follow-up - Implement the approved solution in the production environment; conduct initial training; provide temporary help desk personnel for end-user support for the duration of the project; assess the project's success and transfer knowledge to the clients' technology staff for long-term management.

Intelligent Technology Solutions' Program Management Provides V.A.L.U.E.
Intelligent Technology Solutions maintains a team of experienced project managers. Following are some of the characteristics of our program management team: PMI certified; MSF certified; business consulting experience; technology specialties; experience in managing projects with corporate clients.

Visibility - Many projects are highly visible, and all projects have a degree of risk. Whether replacing existing systems or implementing new technology, corporations must eliminate mistakes that can adversely impact end-users or business processes. The final results must be of the highest quality, and senior management will critique the quality of all project decisions. Intelligent Technology Solutions uses risk management, change management, and proven planning, testing and deployment methodologies to eliminate potential problems and ensure a smooth implementation.

Appropriate Resources - Projects are temporary events and usually require a number of highly skilled, short-term personnel. Why hire and train temporary employees, or incur needless overtime expenses for existing personnel? Intelligent Technology Solutions provides a team that is focused on the implementation at hand.

Learning Curve - The learning curve for a new technology or product can be steep. In many cases, the design or implementation of these solutions is a one-time event. Therefore, expending the time necessary to implement these technologies may not be economically sound. Intelligent Technology Solutions maintains a team of highly trained, certified consultants with extensive experience in multiple technologies and close relationships with major manufacturers' technical support groups. Intelligent Technology Solutions provides knowledge transfer to our clients to smooth the transition to operational status.

Urgency - Many projects are time critical with arbitrary deadlines set by business requirements or management dictate. Corporate IS departments are ordinarily fully engaged in maintaining their daily workload. Therefore, undertaking a large project becomes a part-time task with potential conflicts in priorities. Intelligent Technology Solutions is an experienced integrator that uses field-proven processes and trained personnel to ensure a rapid deployment and cost-effective implementation.

Expertise - Projects are different from operational tasks. Although a company's IS personnel may have more experience with their environment, they may lack the expertise in designing and deploying new technologies. Intelligent Technology Solutions has experienced and knowledgeable business consultants, project managers, and system engineers with expertise in business processes, project scheduling, planning, architectural design, and logistics to assure the success of our clients' projects.