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Our Mission

Establish the Foundation That Empowers Clients To Succeed

Intelligent Technology Solutions’ mission is to build a reliable, secure, manageable, and flexible IT infrastructure that establishes the foundation for clients to meet their business objectives.  We fulfill this mission through adherence to our core values.

» Core Value: Understanding Our Clients' Business Requirements

Success is ultimately measured in reaching business goals. Intelligent Technology Solutions’ core value is to develop an understanding our clients' business and business drivers. Only then can we lay the technical foundation on which success is built.

» Core Value: Employing Best Practices and Proven Methodologies

Corporations will not succeed without a clear IT strategy that is focused on business value. Speed and adaptability are essential ingredients for survival. Yet, identifying and planning for changing technology must occur while supporting daily operations. Intelligent Technology Solutions helps clients meet this challenge by guiding them through the entire IT life cycle -

  • Technology Planning
  • Technology Procurement
  • Distributed Support
  • System Management
  • Help Desk
  • Asset Management

We utilize our proven and mature Project Management process at all stages of the life cycle. Over a decade ago, Intelligent Technology Solutions was at the forefront of developing Project Management process utilizing best practices gleaned from our experience with large corporate accounts.

Intelligent Technology Solutions’ IT Service Management SOLUTION brings to its clients …. Integrating the distributed technology management process to control enterprise-wide technology, to reduce the total cost of ownership, increase end user productivity, and enable the clients to focus on their core business.

Through the “Business Assurance Discipline”, IT Service Management will assure clients specific solutions that are technically, operationally and financially feasible. Each engagement will be customized to include the best possible people, processes, and tools aligned to the client’s specific business needs.

» Core Value: Partnership

Intelligent Tecnology Solutions partners with leading technology firms to provide comprehensive solutions. We have developed a strong coalition of support that ensures open lines of communication are available to provide early access to new technologies and resolve potential challenges. Our strategic partnerships provide access to additional tools and support, and increase our depth of expertise.