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Return Shipping Instructions

You must write the RMA number on the shipping label. The RMA Receiving Department cannot

process a return without this number.

Products must be shipped prepaid. Intelligent Technology does not cover return shipping expenses

unless return is due to a Intelligent Technology Solutions error such as over shipment, mis-

shipment, or sales error.

It is recommended that the Customer declare value on return shipments since the customer is

100% responsible for the product while in transit to Intelligent Technology Solutions.

Package products carefully to avoid damage.

Do not write anywhere on the box except on the shipping label.

Shipping Label Sample
Intelligent Technology Solutions RMA Dept.
Dock # N2-N5
7302 Wooded Valley Dr.
Houston, Texas 77095
RMA: # _______________

Reject Policy

Intelligent Technology Solutions reserves the right to return any Customer Return that differs from

the information given on the original Return Material Authorization (RMA) request, such as:

Invalid RMA number

RMA # not visible and not on the box shipping label

RMA condition code given by customer differs from actual product condition

Expired RMA number

Unauthorized return (no RMA # was issued)

Serial number of product(s) returned were not purchased from Intelligent Technology Solutions

Felt pen markings on the box

Product is damaged