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The success of any project, large or small, is often dependent on strong project management. Despite its importance, many new projects suffer due to insufficient project management. While this might stem from a shortage of specific skills, it is often simply the inability of the organization to dedicate a project manager. This results in the assignment of a project manager that is already fully absorbed with other day-to-day responsibilities and conflicting priorities.

Large or Small, Local or Nationwide

Intelligent Technology Solutions can successfully implement small and large projects, in one location or spanning nationally. With hundreds of project managers nationally, our project management offices at headquarters, and regional evels provide exceptional support and ensure consistency



Scope of Service
The Intelligent Technology Solutions project management service provides a single point of responsibility for the delivery of on-time, on-budget information technology projects. Through deployment and management of highly skilled project teams, Intelligent Technology Solutions consistently completes committed project deliverables to help clients meet their business objectives.

Intelligent Technology Solutions takes responsibility for the leadership, communication and administrative controls for the entire project, allowing our clients to focus on their core business activities. 

Services Expertise
All project managers are trained, experienced, professionals with excellent track records. Intelligent Technology Solutions Professional Services management teams are custom built from our "Centers of Excellence". Only Intelligent Technology Solutions combines such high-level expertise to effectively plan, procure, integrate and manage a project.

In response to the need for a formal, structured approach to manage dynamic IT projects, Intelligent Technology Solutions has adopted project management methodology for use in each of our projects. Intelligent Technology Solutions plans and implements projects in discrete, manageable stages that are outcome (rather than activity) centered, concentrating on the deliverables at each project stage and on achieving the client's business objectives. To complement the methodology, Intelligent Technology Solutions project management teams are equipped with a complete set of software tools.

As part of each engagement, Intelligent Technology Solutions consultants utilize tools and technology that can enhance success. For example, as part of our overall service delivery method, consultants utilize the Intelligent Technology Solutions Planning Assistant. These softwares formalize the data collection process and ensures complete and accurate data collection. Output from the tools can be delivered in various formats based on specific client environment. 

The Planning Assistant repository facilitates the collection of many types of data:

  • Applications 
  • Processing requirements 
  • Computing and IT assets 
  • Business requirements 
  • Current and projected data volumes 
  • Backup and recovery windows 
  • Business continuity requirements

Most Intelligent Technology Solutions engagements require collection, analysis, and evaluation of considerable amounts of data. And, as with any task, having the right tools can directly impact the success and productivity experienced. Intelligent Technology Solutions's Planning Assistant software helps consultants collect and analyze information about a client's current computing environment, and formulate recommendations to help clients meet future performance expectations.

Using both automated resources and one-on-one client interviews, Intelligent 
Interface consultants first collect the required input data, then import this information into the Planning Assistant Tool, where it can be formally analyzed and evaluated. The tool's flexibility and step-down architecture allows consultants to selectively "drill down" into increasing levels of detail and build upon the results from previous work we may have done for your organization.

Typical reports include:

  • Asset Inventory by Location 
  • Asset Requirements by Application or Location 
  • Service Level Agreement Requirements 
  • Storage Usage and Growth Projections 

The functions of some of the matrix tools are as follows:

  • Planning & Business Justification
  • Assessment & Inventory
  • Design & Sizing
  • Accounts & Data Migration
  • Enterprise Management
  • Workload Management
  • Performance Analysis

Ongoing management efforts also include identification of necessary staff including end-user staff availability for analysis and testing so the project schedule will not be adversely impacted by lack of resources. In addition, we provide cost tracking, allowing you to monitor project deliverables against expenditures.




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