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What is CLOUDSolve?

Technology partners and distributors have sought to deliver the best IT products and value-added services to their customers, but over the last few years the industry has witnessed new delivery models for the same technologies. As IT budgets shift to the cloud, partners are looking for a leading industry partner to drive their cloud services practices today. Here at Intellgent Technology Solutions, CLOUDSolve was developed to align cloud-based solutions with our ever-growing ecosystem to both enable and educate our customers  community on the shift into a more cloud-focused service provider model. Using our best-of-breed marketplace, we can connect, scale, and strategize with our partners through custom configurations, end-user generated quotes, contract management, and much more. Capture the market today.

Our solution ecosystem is focused around the following solution categories:

  • Infrastructure and business continuity
  • Unified communications and security
  • Software as a service and applications

The CLOUDSolve community is made up of strategic cloud vendors who come together to partner, collaborate, and grow their cloud practices.

  • Exclusive benefits and vendor programs for community members
  • Partnerships with select cloud providers and ISVs
  • Network of like-minded professionals in an open social platform
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date content on vendors and services
  • Programs tailored to desired depth and involvement
  • Collaboration with Intellgent Technology Solutions resources and services
  • Online marketplace for ordering and managing services
  • Renewal platform for managing recurring revenue streams
  • Technical assistance, assessments, and support
  • Enterprise-grade products and services for private and hybrid cloud environments
  • Ready-to-resell public cloud and SaaS solutions
  • Devices, tools, and peripheral services to enhance each customer’s cloud and mobile experience

The CLOUDSolve Marketplace showcases viable cloud technology solutions and vendors that we have partnered with to offer a complete package of cloud-based solutions to our customers. The Marketplace also enables our customers to pursue a number of product technologies available to utilize in a hosted environment, promote cloud services to them, and enjoy the benefits of automatic provisioning and billing.





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