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The connection between IT and business agility is driving innovative companies to rethink how they can tap technology for greater success. Intelligent Technology Solutions can help consolidate your resources to keep pace with external and internal change, result will be evolve more quickly than your competition, developing new architecture which reduces overall cost and improving the performance and increase the ease of manage.

Why choosing Intelligent Technology Solutions - An effective IT consolidation effort requires more than installing larger servers. It calls for simplifying your infrastructure and operations to align with enterprise strategy. Intelligent Technology Solutions end-to-end infrastructure solutions offer, and tools you need, along with the experience and expertise you want.

With Intelligent Technology Solutions business solutions, you can: 

  • Maximize system utilization and consolidate applications on fewer servers; 
  • Simplify central management of consolidated resources, resulting in improved reliability and security; 
  • Refine support processes and reduce support contract needs; 
  • Increase ROI through reduced expenditures for facilities, staff, hardware, software, and support services; and 
  • Improve service levels with faster installation times and reduced time-to-solution, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

To be successful, every element of your business needs to perform at the highest level. Intelligent Technology Solutions has complete suite of IT consolidation solutions to help you optimize your technology resources. That way you can spend less time working on your systems, and more time letting them work for you.

Servers: Consolidation and on-demand scalability.
Your business is changing at the speed of light and your IT infrastructure must be able to keep up. Intelligent Technology Solutions can help you stay in the game with a wide range of adaptable, available servers designed to meet your needs. Designed to help you transform your business in a service-centric world, IBM servers combine the power of systems-class thinking with open architectures essential to building an always-on Internet infrastructure.

Storage devices offer improved data management for reduced complexity and total cost of ownership. Today, all production, development and quality-assurance servers access the same centralized storage pool, allowing client’s to fully employ its storage resources, while simplifying administrative tasks. 

Utility Data Center solutions provide a highly reliable, low-cost integrated data center solution. It can dramatically reduce your data center operational costs through the consolidation, standardization, and automation of data center resources as part of your always-on Internet infrastructure. 

Traditional data centers consist of a conglomerate of many unique IT environments, each grown in an evolutionary way and often patched together. This "patchwork infrastructure" can create a number of challenges, including:

  • Expensive deployment and operation 
  • Inflexible, complex, and often unreliable performance 
  • Reactive, labor-intensive staffing environments 

TCO assessments analyze your entire infrastructure to identify the opportunities, risks, and benefits of a consolidation initiative.

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