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RENEWSolve is an aggregated, 360-degree view of customer's renewal for hardware and software products purchased through Intelligent Technology Solutions. Providing visibility and control over your service contracts and software subscriptions, this powerful, comprehensive platform enables us to manage them through a web-based portal. RENEWSolv helps you ensure that warranties and services are renewed when they're set to expire.

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The RENEWSolve Difference
Common Renewal Process

Complex and Manual

  • Creating quotes is difficult with too many tools and processes across vendors

Time Intensive

  • Renewal Process takes a lot of effort and too many resources to:      - Identify and generate quotes
    - Follow-up and complete transactions

Inefficient Communications

  • Current system(s) do not have good records on all renewal opportunities
  • Customer contracts expire and they are not longer covered
RENEWSolve Process

 Simple & Automated Process



Increase Flexibility & Efficiency


Increased Knowledge & Visibility



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