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Intelligent Technology Solutions consultants have expertise in a broad range of specialized Desktop to data center integration services. So whether you require assistance in optimizing one specific area of your environment, or expertise in developing an enterprise application strategy, Intelligent Technology Solutions can provide the expertise that you need to be successful. 

Audit Report
In order to make improvements in your IT environment and to get the most out of your s IT assets, it is essential to understand the applications capabilities and assets you already possess. Whether your project entails a complete new enterprise-wide applications strategy or one specific component (such as backup, remote access, enhanced capacity planning, improved disaster recovery responsiveness, or migrations), Intelligent Technology Solutions recommends taking stock of your system infrastructure. Our Audit Report provides you with a clear picture of your current system processes, current staff skill (readiness) level, and a complete inventory of IT assets.

The audit includes analysis of known issues, processes, procedures, current infrastructure, performance information, and strategic direction. Areas encompassed in the audit include management, operations, administration, and database functions. 

Requirement Analysis
Given the complexity of networked system and its many options, understanding your requirements is crucial to success, Requirement analysis may involve a simple interview with your IT manager or may involve meeting with individuals in multiple areas of your organization.

Building on Intelligent Technology Solutions's Audit Report and Requirements Services, the Requirement Analysis creates your action plan for improved system management. During the Requirement Analysis, Intelligent Technology Solutions will identify gaps between your current capabilities and business requirements, as well as areas that need to be improved or expanded to meet future requirements. We also review your current level of documentation and staff skills to determine training and documentation improvements that would benefit your organization. Finally, opportunities for cost savings are also identified.

As part of its formal report, Intelligent Technology Solutions consultants outline a practical set of architecture, technology, and/or optimization actions to help you bridge the gaps. These actions address necessary hardware and software improvements, as well as administrative, process, operational, and policy changes that could benefit your environment. The key findings in each of these areas are reviewed for risk, impact, and return on investment. The resulting list of recommendations is prioritized to help you realize significant benefits as quickly as possible. 

Intelligent Technology Solutions consultants can identify system resources that are under-utilized, verify how those resources can be redeployed, and assist your staff in reconfiguring the resources to achieve maximum utilization. Our system Consolidation service helps you improve resource utilization by redeploying existing IT assets using the right technologies and combining disparate procedures into a single process supporting multiple systems.

Intelligent Technology Solutions also offers our Report Card Service, which provides organizations with a quick and economical way to make high-impact and immediate improvements in their IT environment before tackling their overall system infrastructure. 

Site Planning - At Intelligent Technology Solutions we provide the Planning and preparation of the physical network infrastructure for our customers.

  • Site survey and analysis 
  • Design of network outlay
  • Recommendations for future growth of network
  • Documentation of the physical design 

 Professional Services


Report Cards 
Gaining a handle on your system management operation can be an overwhelming task. Most organizations find it difficult to absorb the system management challenges they currently face, let alone find time for adequate future planning. This can result in reliance on biased recommendations from vendors who are focused on selling specific products. Intelligent Technology Solutions' System Management Report Card service provides an objective, high-level review of your current system management environment. It highlights current strengths and weaknesses, including where you may be at risk and where you should focus your limited system dollars first for the greatest impact. The service helps you tackle that hard-to-answer question of where to begin. 

The Report Card service begins with preliminary information gathering, as well as on-site orientation, interviews, and data collection. All aspects of enterprise application reviewed, including technology infrastructure, processes, and staffing/organizational metrics. Findings are then compared to best practices models, and a formal report is prepared. We will also determine whether your existing staffing allocations and organizational model offer proper alignment with your existing infrastructure, and whether they are adequate to support our recommended improvements.

Analysis Impact
Adding new technologies to your IT environment can bring many benefits. These include increased availability, performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. But if these technologies are not planned for sufficiently including an analysis of costs and benefits or if they are not implemented with adequate expertise, they can actually have an adverse effect on your operation. Intelligent Technology Solutions's Analysis Impact service helps you fully leverage new and evolving new technologies while significantly reducing associated risks.

During the analysis, Intelligent Technology Solutions consultants thoroughly evaluate the impact that new technologies will have on your environment. The final report will detail:

  • How the technologies would be used 
  • Potential benefits 
  • Processes required for successful assimilation of the technologies into your existing architecture 
  • Effect on total cost of operations 
  • Critical success factors