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The Intelligent Technology Solutions Asset Advantage service is a complete "beginning to end" asset management service package that combines the client's internal processes with an accurate asset inventory to build a database. Intelligent Technology Solutions then offers on-going tracking of client IT assets during their life. Using "Best of Breed" tools and processes, Intelligent Technology Solutions tracks and reports financial and business data, purchase, warranty and maintenance information, software licensing and more.

The Intelligent Technology Solutions Asset Advantage service package is divided into components to fit closer with existing processes and follow the asset's life cycle process from procurement to eventual disposal. The core Asset Advantage services are fisted as follow.

Asset Management Planning
The purpose of asset management planning is to thoroughly understand how a company initially acquires its IT assets and how the assets are managed through the various stages of their useful fife cycle. The company's unique asset management strategies and goals are also discussed. If the company needs help in improving its procurement and Moves/Additions/Changes (MAC) processes, a process study is added to the project plan. The result of the asset management planning session is a project plan to implement asset management.

Asset Registry
Intelligent Technology Solutions sends a team of trained asset registry professionals on site to register the client's current assets in a common database. This is done by physically tagging all IT assets such as desktop computers, servers, storage, monitors, printers, external modems, etc. The information is entered into a common database through a highly disciplined inventory methodology. 

Additionally, the team performs an internal scan of each computer which reveals the configuration, amount of memory, storage, type of operating system, application software by version and quantity, interface cards, etc. The team will also leave the asset registry software installed on each common server to provide on-going updates regarding moves, additions and changes as they occur. When the IT asset registry task is complete, an executive level "Asset Roll Call" summary report is produced containing color charts and graphs illustrating overall IT asset distribution and composition. An electronic data file is also produced that contains the entire registry detail data. This report gives the client a deliverable that demonstrates the value of the data collected in the registry phase.

Enterprise Asset Management System
Intelligent Technology Solutions also installs an Enterprise Asset Management system capable of tracking all IT assets, service warranties, leasing structures and financial depreciation information. This platform is installed on the appropriate server and is populated with the asset information gained from the registry project. Trained professionals work to add financial information such as leasing, warranty, and purchase costs to the database. They also reconcile differences found against company records and develop customized reports.

On-going Asset Tracking
To keep the asset information accurate, Intelligent Technology Solutions provides one or more thoroughly trained asset management professionals to maintain the Enterprise Asset Management platform on an on-going basis. Using the client's asset procurement data capture points, and automated asset registry tools, this individual or group of individuals will enter new IT assets, track existing assets, as well as help remove retired assets from the database.

The asset management professionals also produce scheduled reports that track the company's assets through their useable life cycle. Additionally, the on-site professionals can arrange for an orderly process to dispose of technology assets, generating the most effective return on investment.

Portfolio Management 
Portfolio management involves the use of accurate asset information to make business decisions.

An Intelligent Technology Solutions Asset Management Consultant uses the asset information in a variety of ways to recommend support decisions regarding technology migration strategies, yearly IT budgets and total cost of ownership studies. Portfolio Management can assist with decisions regarding lease vs. buy, technology refreshment, infrastructure upgrades, and outsourcing decisions.


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