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IT professionals are tasked with identifying and planning for changing technology and business initiatives while supporting daily operations. Intelligent Technology Solutions helps clients meet this challenge by providing comprehensive Desktop Lifecycle Management solutions that free our clients to focus on core business initiatives with the assurance that end-user service levels are being exceeded. Intelligent Technology Solutions understands the importance of change control and collaborates with clients to develop a change management process. 

Intelligent Technology Solutions's team is comprised of highly-qualified engineers with advanced certifications and extensive real-world experience in corporate accounts. Our staff receives ongoing training. This training provides rigorous hands-on learning opportunities that mirror real-life scenarios and includes customer service and program management courses. Each client account is under the dedicated ownership of an experienced on-site manager who serves as a single point of contact and provides management oversight and reporting.

Planning and Testing
Planning and Testing is a critical component of Desktop Lifecycle Management. It is crucial to select a platform that meets performance and manageability goals, while providing flexibility and growth potential. Vigorous testing is an indispensable step in guaranteeing a stable environment since diverse hardware platforms respond differently to various software. 

Intelligent Technology Solutions provides each client with a dedicated Acquisition Analyst to manage the procurement process from initial customer contact through completed installation. Intelligent Technology Solutions analysts are experts in product configuration, vendor sourcing, and customer interactions. They ensure quality service levels, guarantee that orders are processed and completed within established timelines, and provide oversight of the process at all stages from testing to staging.

Imaging and Staging
Intelligent Technology Solutions maintains ownership and closely monitors the entire procurement process beyond order placement and coordinates all activities necessary to complete the acquisition process, including customer-site or remote-site configuration, and receiving.

Deployment and Management
Deployment and Management Service addresses the costly, often unwieldy task of PC administration and management across your enterprise. Itís a two-step support solution - 

Step 1
Our PC deployment support helps with large-scale rollouts and/or upgrades of new or existing PCs. That includes software, image, and operating system upgrades. Intelligent Technology Solutions desktop specialists:

  • Develop a plan for deploying and managing your desktop environment
  • Develop master software configuration(s)
  • Install the configuration(s) in a pilot environment
  • Test and demonstrate the environment
  • Perform all required deployment tasks at your site

Step 2
Our PC management support helps you plan and implement a comprehensive, automated PC management solution for the following key issues:

  • Software image management: remote software distribution and administration for both desktop and mobile PCs, automatically manages changes, updates, patches, and service packs, and automatically configures new PCs introduced into your existing environment.
  • Virus protection: Centralized management capabilities to implement comprehensive individual and group anti-virus policies.
  • Remote access and help desk support management: Your users enjoy remote access from the PC client environment to your internal Help Desk or corporate service and maintenance group.

User Desktop Orientation
End-user satisfaction is a primary focus of Intelligent Technology Solutions' Desktop Lifecycle Management process. Frequently, users experience a high level of anxiety when changes occur to their familiar desktop system. To help alleviate these concerns, Intelligent Technology Solutions' engineers conduct individual desktop orientations. These orientations are performed at the user's work area to acclimate them to the new system. In the event of large-scale deployments, engineers are available to assist users on a short-term basis. Our engineers are sensitive to user's concerns and are committed to creating a positive experience and providing exceptional customer service.

Intelligent Technology Solutions partners with industry leading certified training centers to develop training programs suited to our client's unique requirements. Various training options are available including customized curricula, client-site courses, or off-site training. Intelligent Technology Solutions also offers customized training on our client's specific environment in our classroom facilities.

Install, Move, Add, Change (IMAC)
Intelligent Technology Solutions coordinates and performs installations, upgrades, moves, and dispositions. These services include dispatching, communication planning, logistics support, delivery coordination, and supplier management. When requested, Intelligent Technology Solutions can perform cascading to redistribute equipment within the organization. All IMAC activities are closely tracked as a part of Asset Management.

Intelligent Technology Solutions coordinates the disposition of systems and manages the security, environmental safety, and financial concerns related to asset retirement. Intelligent Technology Solutions collects systems, removes sensitive data, and prepares equipment for environmentally friendly disposal, return to lease agent, resale, or donation. 

Desktop Support / Help Desk
Throughout the entire lifecycle, Intelligent Technology Solutions provides complete desktop support and help desk services. Intelligent Technology Solutions understands that our client's environment is a vital aspect in the success of Desktop Lifecycle Management. During our engagement, we build the necessary support structure based on our client's present and future needs. Intelligent Technology Solutions' desktop support services allow end users to remain productive by providing break/fix, troubleshooting, maintenance, and management services. Our help desk personnel, experts in communications, customer service and technology, provide a single point of contact for user support and desktop services requests.

Asset Management
For ongoing tracking and reporting of assets within the distributed computing environment, Intelligent Technology Solutions utilizes processes and systems to capture events at each stage of the lifecycle and transform this data into meaningful management information. 

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