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Intelligent Technology Solutions' world-class distribution process puts the right products in the right place at the right time - whether you're implementing a large scale roll-out or just ordering a few boxes. And we do it based on your detailed instructions. You decide on your configuration needs - and our direct shipment process ensures that your order will arrive promptly and accurately.

Looking For the Ultimate Purchasing Tool?

Order online - This proprietary system lets you look inside the Intelligent Technology Solutions Distribution Centers from your desktop. Designed exclusively for our clients, it's a powerful electronic catalog that gives you point-and-click access to product information. Use it to build your own orders and configure equipment - with or without our help. Order Online is the quickest, most accurate way to locate purchasing information including real time pricing, real time availability, compatibility, comparison capabilities (manufactures and products) and much more. With it comes Visual Solutions the industry's leading electronic library resource that prevents expensive technical mistakes by displaying only compatible hardware options. Operating in a user-friendly Windows environment, Order Online works the way you need it to.

The benefits that Order Online offers you:

  • Availability - see which products are in-stock and when incoming shipments are scheduled to arrive.
  • Flexibility - look up items by manufacture, category, class, or part number
  • Product Pricing - find prices and generate price lists
  • Maintenance Pricing - design and price your own hardware maintenance packages
  • Configuration - Visual Solutions displays component compatibility and helps you place orders without error
  • Product comparisons/Technical Notes - compare SKUs with similar features to substitute available for constrained product 

Channel online - Track the status of your order using Channel online, Intelligent Technology Solutions's online electronic order entry and warehouse system. Your window to Intelligent Technology Solutions's 275,000 square-foot distribution system, Channel Online enables you to follow your order from the distribution centers, through configuration, shipping and receiving. You can log an order and track it, step-by-step in real-time - whether it's a truckload to your headquarters or hundreds of separate systems to locations around the globe.

Benefits offered by Channel online:

  • Logical warehousing - like having a warehouse on your desktop Online order entry
  • Tracks order status in real-time from placement through delivery total inventory, credit and cash flow management
  • Full selection of ordering options available: standard, future, pegged, ship complete, release complete, configured, splitting, credit pending, order tracking, online proof of delivery