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As part of Intelligent Technology Solutions integrated life cycle offering, network infrastructure and system management services are provided. These services fall into three major services categories: consulting, project and management services.

Performance baseline: Involves delivery of a performance analysis of customer network infrastructure using probes, Sniffers or software components.
Enterprise Network Architecture: develops an overall network architecture for a customer based on strategic objectives from the customer and performance data obtained in a Performance Baseline study.

Enterprise Network Blueprint: involves the design of a future network infrastructure including required components, cabling, systems software and a high-level network implementation plan.

Remote Network Diagnosis: Performed on servers, storage, switches, hubs, and routers. The diagnosis analyzes specific components in advance of a technician being dispatched onsite and, in some cases, may be used to resolve a problem without a technician having to be dispatched.
Remote Network Monitoring: Encompasses monitoring of network components such as bridges, hubs, routers, switches, servers, storage, and network segments, and includes fault management from a network management console. Events generated on the network can be trapped and alerts generated in accordance with customer requirements.
Remote Network Management: enhances remote monitoring with the addition of security management, remote control and user administration.

As networks have grown in complexity, management and support challenges have grown exponentially. Intelligent Technology Solutions' Network Management Services provides the network monitoring, analysis, testing and evaluation required to meet the demands of today's information technology environments. We specialize in multi-vendor, multi-protocol environments to address high-end network management needs.

Highly Trained Technicians
Our technicians have the network management and troubleshooting skills that come only from years of training and hands-on experience. They provide effective service to improve network efficiency and plan for growth. They offer quick, reliable support to keep networks fully operational. They are ready to provide solutions in the event the network goes down.

Network Management Outsourcing Benefits
Outsourcing network management services is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure the network is running smoothly at all times. It also enables companies to:

  • Maximize network performance through continual monitoring and testing
  • Increase productivity by preventing costly downtime 
  • Reduce management costs by eliminating unnecessary purchases of equipment and training
  • Guarantee the compatibility of new products in the existing network environment
  • Solve problems faster, utilizing Intelligent Technology Solutions's sophisticated diagnostics team
  • Stay abreast of rapidly changing technology
  • Gain answers to complex connectivity issues

Network Service Options
To maximize network performance and solve problems more quickly, Intelligent Technology Solutions Network Management Services provides customized solutions that include support services selected from the following options:

  • Network Analysis
    This service sends traces from the network to Intelligent Technology Solutions where a network consultant diagnoses the problem. This analysis includes a paper providing a graphical representation of the activity on the network, a summary of network problems, and a recommended solution. Intelligent Technology Solutions can also diagnose traces from various protocol analyzer formats in order to identify physical layer problems, find the origin of data loss or poor performance, or measure workload characterization levels. 
  • Remote Network Monitoring
    Using a direct link between the network and Intelligent Technology Solutions, we proactively monitor traffic across the network and access network conditions and trends. This ensures the network operates at optimum efficiency, prevents problems and enables us to evaluate activity with regular checkups. Pre-set threshold limits send a red flag when a significant change in network activity occurs. When thresholds are exceeded, a network consultant is alerted to diagnose the problem, to inform you of conditions and to implement a resolution. Regular checks are also performed on a monthly or quarterly basis. 
  • On-Site Network Troubleshooting & Baselining
    Intelligent Technology Solutions network consultants interact with MIS personnel to assist in problem resolution and consultation. A minimum two-day, on-site consultation is necessary to thoroughly diagnose the network. Our network consultants will troubleshoot, identify any problems and implement resolutions. We also offer network baselining to improve network health and performance. 
  • Prototyping and Testing
    With our diversity of different network platforms, we can simulate a wide range of environments. Our technology includes 2000/XP, Novell, Unix, Banyan, OS/2, Ethernet, Token Ring, ISDN, FDDI, and T1and much more. The client specifies services. Some previously performed simulation results are provided in Intelligent Technology Solutions White Papers. This advanced technical setting helps to determine the choices that best meet client requirements. 

Network Support costs are calculated on an annual basis. If the client is currently tracking network related calls, the client's actual call statistics will be used to provide a minimum annual Network Support package. If this information is not available, we recommend a 20-incident package with a quarterly follow-up on usage. Or, the National System Support Center can make recommendations based on historical information from clients of similar setups. A client is invoiced on an annual basis.

Support Tools
The Help Desk Services utilizes a wide-range of data bases and support programs to provide accurate support to our clients. These resources include CD-ROM data bases, Intelligent Technology Solutions incident data base on the Oracle server, and enrollment in manufacturers' support programs.

Customized and Proprietary Software Support
Intelligent Technology Solutions' Help Desk is prepared to evaluate software applications and operating systems as part of the Help Desk offering. If it is determined that these products will be added to the supported software list, incremental support costs will be negotiated with the client. 

Reporting Services
The Help Desk Services provides standard monthly reports to the client. Custom reports can be developed at a cost per hour. Report information is available in hard copy or file format on diskette.

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