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ITIL-compliant, 24×7 IT Support & Maintenance
Customers have multiple and changing requirements for the operational availability of their IT equipment.
Our 24×7 ITIL-compliant IT Support & Maintenance Service offers multiple and variable options to meet these challenges, which can be provided independently or as part of a total Managed Service. Our engineers are manufacturer accredited and we aim for a single visit fix to minimise business disruption. We have a flexible approach and our pricing model allows charges to be inventory, activity, resource or frequency-based.

The Challenge
IT has become an integral part of every company’s landscape and in order to maximise this investment, servers, networks, PCs, printers and peripherals are required to function continuously. A well maintained enterprise ensures that user downtime is limited and staff productivity is maximised. Managing IT assets can be a resource heavy job, with on-going issues and small fixes taking away valuable time from core tasks and the need to store parts and spares locally eating into physical assets. Should IT Equipment fail it can cause untold damage to the business, as employees struggle to interact with systems to ensure business as usual. In addition, lifecycle management of distributed desktops is complex and unpredictable, and costs can escalate if not followed closely. Our IT Support & Maintenance Service provides a comprehensive multi-vendor support package that will protect your investment.

Our Capability
We cover a full range of IT related equipment, including Desktops, Laptops, Printers, Data Centre Servers, Enterprise and Storage equipment. We can also provide maintenance of Network and Audio Visual equipment. All of this is delivered directly by Intelligent Technology Solutions using manufacturer accredited engineers across the United States. Our incident and problem management systems, best practice processes and technical skill sets offer cost-effective IT Support & Maintenance.
Key features of the service include rapid response regardless of location and quick resolution (wherever possible within a single visit) to minimise disruption and lost productivity. In addition, our 800 highly experienced and trained national field service engineers are manufacturer trained, including IBM and HP Warranty Authorisation, Dell, Toshiba, Digital, Brother, Epson and Sharp. We have developed a broad range of IT Support & Maintenance Services that reflect our customers changing needs.These can be provided independently or as part of a total Managed Service.
A flexible pricing model approach allows charges to be inventory, population, resource or frequency based. The model can be flexed to include combinations of these and other variables. We can provide solutions that range from standard offerings delivering the best cost benefits through to bespoke solutions to meet the needs of diverse businesses. Our approaches combine the utilisation of dedicated field and centralised resources to deliver the service levels required within budget.

Our Offering

The foundation of our services is built on outstanding technical maintenance and support for all desktops, Printers, Plotters, servers, switches, networking and storage products. Services are included with the warranty for every product to provide you with a strong base of support and assistance with common issues and problems.
Intelligent Technology Solutions' maintenance and support offering cover the entire spectrum for the ongoing support of your hardware at the national level. Choose the option that best meets your individual requirements either is warranty upgrade/extension, maintenance contracts, time and material, or preventive maintenance.

Intelligent Technology Solutions’ maintenance and support/Customer Services are designed to deliver continuous computing at the lowest risk: 

  • Business-Critical Services to support continuous computing including e-business solutions, business-critical systems, and high availability. 
  • Managed Services to reduce complexity and to enable more proactive customer support including Systems Management Support and Assessment services. 
  • Installation Services to enable customers to get started quickly and easily, including installation of software and hardware products. 
  • Technical Support to maximize uptime including hardware and software support, and maintenance services.

Laser Printer and Plotter Preventive Maintenance and repair-This service protects your investment, prevents equipment problems, and is convenient for the user. This service offers custom support and is more cost-effective than hiring a new employee. The following services are performed: 

  • Exterior dusting and cleaning of printers and plotters 
  • Detailed dusting and cleaning of interior components, including the removal of paper fragments and any related debris 
  • Checking and reseating connectors 
  • Checking and adjusting paper feed assembly 
  • Checking for worn or broken parts 
  • Cleaning for printer fuser assembly, corona wire assembly, and drum unit
  • Checking “paper out” sensor for correct operation 
  • Running complete system self check 
  • Checking printer or plotter operation and performing print test with a computer

Clients - Intelligent Technology Solutions offers a comprehensive array of services and support for the clients end-user of e-business solutions. From portable to desktop platforms which are major value-add to the enterprise. Intelligent Technology Solutions not only provides the best platforms but the best set of services and lifecycle management for our customers' distributed client environment.

Servers - Regardless of the hardware vendor servers farmed within your Data Center, our staff can manage these servers for you, checking the health of the hardware and reporting back to a central monitoring station, and provide restore and disaster recovery. For every customer within the Data Center, a daily backup tape is made. If a customer ever needs to restore a tape, the data can be restored. This backup ensures a highly available and reliable system.

Intelligent Technology Solutions has certified Dell Engineers, IBM PSS Engineers; SUN Servers Engineers, and other staff with a high level of competence not only with Microsoft products and Oracle but also with “applications vendor.” On-site Intelligent Technology Solutions Engineers repair all work for clients.

Storage - As the consultant for multi-vendor storage systems, Intelligent Technology Solutions partners with you to continue to lead by leveraging industry standards to meet your requirements for open storage solutions. Intelligent Technology Solutions Storage services offering uniquely provides the most highly available, infinitely scalable storage systems required for e-business environment. 

Cost Benefits

  • Full 24×7 Service and comprehensive multi-vendor support available
  • With 800 engineers based across the US
  • Highest 1st level fix rate through the deployment of our integrated service management system
  • $8 million spares stock holding distributed across 600+ locations in the United States
  • Complementary Service to OEM Warranty
  • Can form part of a life cycle solution
  • Accredited organisation: ISO9001-2000, ISO/IEC 20000-1 2005, ISO14001, ISO/IEC 27001-2005




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